Discover a Catchy, Attention-Grabbing and Winning Business Name

...using our simple do-it-yourself, step-by-step, Learn, Define & Discover process.

Melloname is an innovative business naming toolkit that includes everything
you need to create catchy and attention-grabbing business names.

  • Business Naming & Branding Ebook
  • Complete Step-by-Step Process Worksheet
  • Business Names Market Analysis Worksheet
  • Business Name Generator Windows Software

... and it is completely risk free! with 15-day money-back guarantee.

What is Melloname Business Naming Toolkit?

Business naming can be challenging and sometime a confusing process.

Melloname Business Naming Toolkit provides the knowledge and tools to make business naming a creative, clear, logical, and a focused process.

It uses a simple LEARN, DEFINE and DISCOVER process to help create catchy, attention grabbing and industry targeted business names.

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Melloname's Innovative Step-by-Step Learn, Define and Discover Process


The ebook explains Branding, Marketing, Business Name Categories, Business Naming Methods, Tools and Techniques.

A winning name is the beginning of a successful brand. Learn all the essentials of creating a business name.


The Business Name Brief, Market Analysis and Process worksheets help define the type of business name you need.

Define to avoid confusion. Clearly set down the confines for creating a prefect business name.


Our exclusive Business Name Generator software helps discover names practically impossible to generate by brainstorming and other human techniques.

Generate targeted business names ideas using extensive industry descriptors and wordlists.

Why Melloname?

Melloname is for you if:

  • You are bootstrapping.
  • You want to create a business name without help from professional naming or branding firms.
  • You want to get best value for a small business spend.
  • You have too many business name ideas and it is confusing to choose one.
  • You believe a right business name will simply create more opportunity for business success.
  • You trust that a carefully chosen name will bring inherent and immediate value to your business brand.
  • You believe in today's crowded marketplace just a mediocre name is not enough.
  • You need a business name that is differentiable and sophisticated.
  • You want to clearly define and discover the right business name in just few days.


Sophisticated Algorithms

Discover business name ideas practically impossible to generate by brainstorming and other human techniques

Extensive Word-lists

Create real world business names with word-lists sourced from across the world

Industry Descriptors

Automatically generates industry targeted business names using relevant industry descriptors

Favorites Feature

Add names to favorites list to shortlist and finalize the best business name at the end

Business Naming & Branding Ebook

Understand Branding, Marketing, Business Name Categories, Business Naming Methods, Tools and Techniques


Learning and applying the simple step-by-step process is quick and easy

Business Names Market Analysis

Study and analyze existing business names to create the right name that will stand out from the crowd

Personal Business Name Generator

Discover names like H.J. Heinz, John Deere and HP

Word Compound Business Name Generator

Discover names like BestBuy, Starbucks, Firefox and CircuitCity

Real Business Name

Discover names like Amazon, Apple, Pandora and Sphere

Acronym Business Name Generator

Discover names like IBM, AOL, KFC and LG

Phrase Business Name Generator

Discover names like 23andMe, Grab-a-Bite and On-Cloud-Nine

Jeyden from Business Leap

The best part of Melloname is ease of use.

What sets Melloname apart is their simple, step-by-step approach. The ebook explains concepts and methods in a simple language, the software generates business names relevant to an industry and the worksheets help clear the clutter and guides you all throughout.

Melloname is quite impressive. It definitely is an innovative, cost effective solution for naming a business. I highly recommend this product as it serves its purpose fully!

Brinda from DazzleOne Cakes

I stumbled upon Melloname when I was looking for a captivating name for my cake business. I instantly bought it as it had 15-day money back guarantee.

I simply loved it, it is so easy to use. The step-by-step process helped me avoid so much confusion. The market analysis process helped me quickly understand my competitive market. Some names generated by the software were simple WOW!

Thanks to Melloname, I was able to finalize my business name in just a few days!

Discover A Catchy And Attention-Grabbing Business Name Now!