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Starting and running a new business is exciting. It is your freedom, your livelihood and the work of your hands. Starting your own business takes guts whether you already have an income source to support yourself or you’re just starting to figure out how to start doing your own thing.

All startups and to-be business owners want a right business name for their new venture – they all want to start on the right note.

At Melloname we help entrepreneurs, startups, and to-be business owners create an identity for their business idea – an identity in form of a business name.

Melloname is for people looking for an affordable way to give their business idea a catchy, attention-grabbing and winning business name. We help you find the right name that will give your new business a great head start!

How Our Website Can Help

Our website is full of information for you to learn various aspects of creating business names. We are sure your learning and business naming journey will be no less than an amazing adventure. Start reading the Melloname Blog.

About Our Business Naming Toolkit

Naming a new business can be challenging as it is not easy to evaluate what a right business name is, it gets even more complicated as it is difficult to estimate how much the name itself will contribute to future business success.

Melloname Business Naming Toolkit is here to make this challenging and confusing process of business naming easy. It provides knowledge and tools to make business naming a creative, clear, logical, and a focused process.

It uses a simple LEARN, DEFINE and DISCOVER process to help you create catchy, attention-grabbing and winning business names. Learn more about our business naming toolkit.

Our Team

Ranjit Shah
Ranjit Shah
Founder & CEO
Andy Hayward
Andy Hayward
Content Manager
Rocky Pathak
Rocky Pathak
Development Lead
Kathryn Campell
Kathryn Campell
Support Manager


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