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Search Engine Optimized Business Domain Name

business domain name An appropriate business domain name is very important as the internet has revolutionized ways of doing business. Many entrepreneurs and even large companies are moving their businesses online to widen their reach and lower the cost of operations.

When you are thinking of buying a business domain name, the first important consideration that you need to make is whether you want a search engine optimized (SEO) name or a brand based name for your website. The purpose of this article is to give you some basic understanding on how these 2 types of names can be used for your company’s online presence.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Names

A SEO name is a one which includes the most important keywords that you’re targeting with your online venture. Keywords are search phrases that users use in a search engine (like Google) to find something on the internet.

Such names are often longer than standard business names but can help the website rank higher in search results. If all or major portion of your potential clients are going to give business through your website, optimizing the business domain name become even more important as you would rely on visitors sent to your site via search engine results.

Some good examples of SEO names are,, and

So, if you want to sell photography related stuff on your website, it would make good sense to find keywords related to photography and use them in your website name. You could use something like or Don’t just choose any name, choose wisely based on keyword research.

Important Considerations for a SEO Business Domain Name

1. As far as possible register for the .com extension as it is the most widely accepted top-level domain. It is most likely that your clients will not remember any other extension, so when they want to reach your website they probably will use the .com, along with the domain name they may remember. If appropriate, you can also use .org or .net as they are the next most used top-level domains.

2. Avoid using hyphens in business domain names as users commonly tend to continuously type the name (without any spaces, hyphens, etc) to reach a particular website. It would be too much to expect from your clients to remember the position or even the existence of hyphens in a website name, is better than

3. Make use of names that are keyword focused and easily understood, like the name above which apparently indicates that the website is about antique Persian rugs.

4. If you are confused whether to use singular or plural form of the name, use the one that makes most sense. In the above example rugs is more suitable than just rug. Additionally, you can also buy the singular domain and re-direct it to your main website.

5. Try to avoid numerical substitutions and slang words, they can be confusing and sometimes hard to remember. A common mistake many make is to use “u” instead of “you” or use “2” instead of “to”.

6. If you’re planning to develop and sell a product online, create a separate catchy name for the product and promote it using a website that uses a search engine optimized business domain name.

Brand Names

If you plan to use a brand name as your website name then focus on some other factors like on-page optimization so that your business website appears in the search results for appropriate search phrases.

There is lot of information available on this site to help you create attractive business names that eventually can become good brand names. Common Characteristics of Good Business Names & Best Ways to Create Catchy Business Names are good places to start looking for ideas on creating smart and interesting business names.

When creating any business name always think of smart strategies on how to stand-out and how to stay memorable. Look for a winning name that will continually attract customers and allows internet users to find your business website quickly and easily. An attention grabbing and chic business domain name can always be the start of a great brand!