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18 Business Name Generators to Try Right Now!

business name generators Are you on a business name quest? All on your own, without the help of a naming/brand consultant?

Then, check out these business name generators that will help you significantly reduce the time required for creating potential business name ideas.

These are software programs that can generate dozens of business name ideas in matter of seconds.

In general, they use one of three common approaches. Although there can be hybrid approaches as well. Additional options on some sites allow you to limit your search to names that have web domains available. In some cases the generator will also advice you on the value or uniqueness of a name.

Here are 18 amazing business name generators categorized based on how they work. To use them, just visit their site and follow instructions.

Random Generators

The first category is of the random name generators. These generators seek minimal or no input for the user.

As the name says – a random name generator formulates names in an arbitrary way, giving you dozens of different options without any particular focus or system.

This can be a good way to jump-start your own creativity if naming your business has you stuck and discouraged.

Business Name Generators is the simplest of all the business name generators. Just hit the Generate Names button to get a list of random business names. You can also enter an optional word to get a list of possible related business names. Along with name suggestions, it also provides a link to check the domain name availability. Check it out and enjoy the simplicity!

Other random name generators: Company Name Generator, Switchplane, Noemata and Hipster.

Input Dependent Generators

The generators in this category depend on two or more levels of user input.

These generators allow you to enter keywords or to explain what your business offers. Names created through this process target your business industry or product.

They can also propose alternatives to the keywords or phrases you put into the system. Which may help you sharpen your search and clarify your business name approach.

Net Substance generates business names based upon your keywords input. It creates variations by doing keyword shifts according to the percentages specified for vowels, consonants, prefixes and suffixes. It also has an option to specify the maximum letters in the name.

Write Express Naming is another easy to use tool that can help you find a name for business, products or a website. Start by entering your business related word or syllable. You then choose options like number of desired syllables and wordlist. Hit the Find Names button and it will generator dozens of potential names in quick time.

Other business name generators in this category: Naminum, Dot-o-Mator, Tools 4 Name and NameMesh.

Premium Name Generator

The Melloname Business Name Creation toolkit includes a premium business name generator software app that helps you create industry targeted business names.

Using sophisticated algorithms, extensive word-lists and industry specific descriptors the windows app helps you create business names practically impossible to generate by brainstorming and other human techniques.

If you’re looking for great value on a small business spend – consider buying our DiY Business Naming Toolkit.

Business Specific Generators

The third set of name generators are specialized for a specific business or industry. Though there is just one in this category it is worth mentioning because it is highly targeted and effective.

Wordlab provides industry based name generators. It has specialized generators that are optimized for creating name for restaurants & bars, bands, teams, medical-drugs, character names, etc. It also offers a domain name availability checker and morpheme based name generators.

Domain Name Generators

This category of business name generators is for people looking of pure online business names, which means you’re looking for available internet domain names.

These are pretty easy to use and can quickly help you find matching available domain names for your new venture. These include 123Finder, DomainBot, NameThingy, NameStation and IWantMyName.

Finding the right name that describes your business can be a challenge. And with all the many things you need to take care of before starting a new business this may seem like a daunting task.

Hope one of the above business name generators will help you create a name that is catchy, interesting, delightful, durable and Right for your new business.