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5 Ways to Create Catchy Business Names

catchy business names A great way to easily connect with your potential consumers is by having a catchy business name. However, finding a catchy name can be a big challenge.

It can also be an expensive affair if you plan to use services of a business naming or branding firm.

For all you bootstrapping entrepreneurs out there, here are 5 simple and proven methods to create catchy business names. With a little practice, you can create a catchy name all by yourself without spending a dime!

Word Compounds

word-compounds.jpgThis is the most commonly used method for creating business names. Pick a handful of words related to your business. Mesh them together to create attractive word-combos.

For example, you can combine the words Washington and Battery to form WaBatt or DCBatt.

TechCrunch, WordPress, PlumCrazy, GladRags, Shoplift and GulfStream are some well known businesses that have used word compounds to create catchy names for their business.

You may have to repeat the process a few times with different base words until you are able to create smart and catchy word-combos that can be used as business names.

Rhyming Words

timing-rhyming.pngAnother good method for creating catchy business names is by using rhyming words or phrases. Rhyming names are catchy as they are more memorable than regular names.

Such names have potential to create higher brand value in the long run.

For example, a baby goods store can be named Maybe Baby Store. This name is catchy and attracts consumer attention. The name also helps consumers remember what products the business sells.

Another similar example is Neat and Sweet Laundromat for a laundry business.

While creating rhyming business names, make sure the rhyme is clear and easy to understand. A good idea is to work with the same number of syllables for each word that rhymes.


alliteration.jpgIf it is difficult to find good rhyming words for your business name, then consider using alliteration to create similar effect.

Alliteration simply means the occurrence of same letters or sounds at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

For example, a computer accessories shop can be named Cyber County Computers. You can see that all words in this name start with the letter ‘C’ and the full name creates a rhyming like effect.

Peter Piper Pizza, Starlight Standard and Expert Express are some successful catchy business names created using this method.


acronyms.jpgAnother easy method to create catchy business names is by using acronyms. While this technique can easily create mediocre names, it does have potential to produce catchy names if you pull the right creative strings.

A catchy acronym should associate a meaningful short term with your business. And people should find it memorable & easy to remember.

For example, a golf store can be named Power Athlete Retail that uses the acronym: PAR, a goal that anyone would want to accomplish in golf. ESPN, KFC and AT&T are good examples for business names created using acronyms.

Wrong Spellings

wrong-rhigt.jpgAnother excellent method is to use words that are intentionally spelled in a wrong way. This will create a uniquely spelled business name that has one or two letters incorrectly positioned or ignored in the word.

This technique is one of the smartest and quickest ways to generate catchy business names.

For example, a bookstore can named Paperbax. Here the second word back is replaced with bax, though bax does not have any meaning the word Paperbax sounds trendy and catchy to the consumers.

Krispy Kreme, Maid-Rite, and Flickr are some famous businesses that use unconventional spellings in their business names.

Well… those are the five simple to use methods to create catchy business names. One more commonly used method that might be of your interest is using personal/family name as a business name.

And… if you are ready to finalize your business name here is a post on common mistakes to avoid while naming a business.