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40 No-Nonsense Business Name Ideas

business name ideas You have come-up with a great business idea, and stuck looking for some awesome business name ideas – this then, is the right post for you to read.

It is common to be confused about what to name a new business. It is also common to be stuck at this first step for quite a while.

Once chosen, the business name will stay with you for as long as you wish the business to live. And that in most cases is pretty long-term.

Here is a list of business name ideas from the Melloname creative team. If you like one – go ahead and use it. Alternatively, remix and use it by adding your own creative touch – use them as you wish!

Note: Please check for any copyright issues with your local business registrar to make sure you can legally use the name you choose.

Catchy Business Name Ideas

If your business targets retail consumers or youth, you many need to use a business name that is catchy and attention grabbing.

Business lines like entertainment, clothing, gaming, etc. are very dense. To penetrate such industries, new businesses need catchy, trendy and attention-grabbing names. Here are some catchy business name ideas you can use.

  • Abeo Breakway Group
  • Angelfish Learning Center
  • About Turn Superstore
  • Jitterbug Apparels
  • Tau Ceti Living
  • Zeal-aah! Entertainment
  • Avo Sprint Apparels
  • Easy Neo Gaming
  • Sprintpax Sports

If you want to create your own catchy names, check out the catchy business names post.

Creative Business Name Ideas

Business industries like designing, architecture, paintings and other art-related work are creative business lines. If your new business is in the creative business line it’s a good idea to look for names that appeal and attract audience with a creative mindset.

While most businesses in this line are named after a person’s personal name, professional business names are also becoming more common.

Here is a list of personal as well as professional creative business name ideas.

  • ActiveTen Design People
  • DazzleOne Interactive
  • Grandarc Geeks
  • Deep Curve Boutique
  • Precision Two Designs
  • Hot Cake Direct
  • Point Blank Lifestyle

Creative business names are vital to establish your repute as a serious business in creative business lines – otherwise, your work is easily taken as just a hobby or a side business.

Unique Business Name Ideas

Such names are very necessary for common businesses like advertising & marketing, education, restaurants and multi-services.

As these are very crowded business lines, creating unique names that make the business stand out of the crowd is obvious.

Here are some unique business name ideas you can try if you are looking to start a new business in a crowded business line.

  • Precision Bot Marketing
  • Graceaha Organic
  • Real Alt Toys
  • Cut Throat Flavors
  • Red Body Analytics
  • Rock Mellon Clinical Research
  • Amazepal 360

Side Note

The importance of a business name is not the same for all business lines and geographies. To gauge importance it is required that you study the target market in terms of size, location, ease of consumer access and competing players. The more difficulty your research shows in reaching consumers and getting sales – the more important it becomes to have an appealing and attention-grabbing business name.

Small Business Name Ideas

If you are planning a small local area business, it is essential that you create a personal connect with the local consumers.

Businesses like grocery shops, cleaning and laundry, coffee shops and small eateries should look for easy to remember and personally connecting business names.

Here is a good list of small business name ideas you can use.

  • Pink Investments
  • Snowdrop Club
  • Bluebell Destinations
  • Life View Studio
  • Green Systems
  • John Doe Designs
  • Razer Edge Salon
  • Snowball Packaging
  • Zenfast Digital

Online Business Names Ideas

Online businesses are a big trend today and they are here to stay for a long time.

Online businesses fall into two broad categories. One that is pure online business like Ebay and Paypal – such businesses do business purely through the internet and has no physical stores.

The other type is businesses that have physical sales channels and business through internet is just one of many ways of doing business.

The business naming strategy will change depending on which category of business you are planning to start.

Search engine optimized (SEO) website/business name

These are also known as keyword-based website/domain names. Keywords are words or phrases that internet users use to search information online (e.g. via search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing).

The main reason people use keyword-based business names in because keyword specific domains tend to rank higher in search results – which help in building visitor traffic to the website.

Here are some good search engine optimized online business name ideas. You can use any of these names if you plan to start a pure online business.


More about how to choose a domain name.

Business-name associated domain names

These are standard business/brand name-based websites used by businesses that have physical sales channels and not purely depend on the internet to generate business revenue.

The internet has revolutionized the many ways of doing business in the past decade. Any new business you plan to start should consider going online as quickly as possible.

Whatever business name you choose, check and register your business website name even if you don’t plan to start doing anything online immediately.

Check for domain/website availability here.


Now that you have this long list of business names ideas, take the next step – choose a business name and get started.

Give your business idea a chance to live – use one of the exact names listed above, or if you wish, creatively remix and use it.

Don’t wait for the right time, the time is always right when you get started. You will never know about success before you get started. The name is just the beginning.