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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Photography Business Names

photography business names In this mini-workshop post, I will show you a simple yet systematic method to create dozens of photography business names in just a few hours.

You can apply these exact same steps to create business names for any new business in any industry.

While some of us might spend weeks to find the right business name, there are a few for whom this is not a big deal, they quickly want to get over it and move on.

While I believe, there is no shortcut to naming a business and it is critical to spend enough time to get it right – I also agree that there is a quick and dirty way to generate dozens of business names ideas with limited research and time.


Business names are generated using various methods like alliterations, word compounding, using wrong spellings, etc. We’ll be using some of these techniques here to create photography business names. If you’re not familiar with these methods, I suggest you read the catchy business names post before reading this post further.


Before we start creating business names let’s to do some basic preparation.

Here are 3 preparatory steps before we really get started.

Step 1: Make a word list

Make a list of 10-15 words that are related to your business. In this case, for photography we made a short list of words like:

  • Photo
  • Picture or Pic
  • Image
  • Lens
  • Shot
  • Still

Step 2: Make a second word list

Now, make a second list of words that mean some sense of action, feeling or emotion that relate to your business. For photography business names, I have chosen words like:

  • Euphoria (joy)
  • Chrome (color)
  • Mania (madness)
  • Book
  • Prefect
  • Express
  • Landscape
  • Panoramic
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Motion
  • Reflection
  • Focus

Step 3: Create a list of industry descriptors

These words act as industry identifiers. Using appropriate descriptors can immediately convey what your business is to the potential consumers. For the photography industry, common industry descriptors are:

  • Studio
  • Photos
  • Photography
  • Images

Creating Photography Business Names

Step 4: Creating names

In this step, we’ll use the first two wordlists to create business names using various business naming techniques.

By using word-compounding technique, we came up with more than a dozen names. Here are a select few:

  • Photochrom
  • Photomania
  • Photomagic
  • Photobook
  • Image Express
  • Picprint
  • Still Motion

Next, we used semi-word compounding to create some more impressive photography business names:

  • Lenspress (lens + express)
  • Photoscape (photo + landscape)
  • Photoramic (photo + panoramic)
  • Photoria (photo + euphoria)
  • Photopress (photo + express)
  • Picphoria (pic + euphoria)

We were also able to generate a few more names using the alliteration technique:

  • Pic Print Photos
  • Shot Still Studio
  • Picture Perfect Photos
  • Pic Panoramic Studio

We then used the wise wrong spellings technique to discover more names like:

  • Fotobook
  • Foto Digital
  • Xpressions
  • Fotomoto (-moto derived from motion)
  • Foto Flexion (-Flexion derived from reflection)

Next, we thought of timing and rhyming technique and came-up a couple of more names:

  • Photo Focus
  • Lens Express

Adding a Descriptor and Finalizing

Step 5: Add industry descriptor

In this step, we’ll use the third list to add industry descriptors to the photography business names we created in step 4.

The idea here is to use the descriptors where the type of business is less obvious in the primary business name.

So, we’ll use these only where required (the underlined words are the industry descriptors):

  • Still Motion Studio
  • Lenspress Photography
  • Photoria Studio
  • Picphoria Images
  • Xpressions Studio

Note that we already added the descriptors to the names created using the alliteration technique (the third word is the descriptor).

So, here we are, in about a couple of hours, by using some basic business naming techniques we were able to create about 20 odd attractive, interesting and professional photography business names.

You can use this method to create business names for just about any industry. Give it a shot, it would take just about half-a-day. And, I am sure you’ll find some great business name idea for your new venture.