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4 Ways to Create Unique Business Names

unique business names Is creating a new business name giving you stress?

Are you out-of-wits trying to find a unique new business name?

Almost all to-be business owners look for the right business name that will help attract customers and make their business standout.

For new businesses in crowded business lines, it becomes even more necessary to create a right and unique business name that will distinguish itself in the packed marketplace.

Here are 4 uncommon ways that will help you create some amazingly unique business names.

Using Numbers

One of the trickiest yet most powerful techniques for naming a business is the use of numbers and math-related terminology. The idea here is as plain as it can get – add a number or a combination of digits to the name or simply use only numbers to name your business.

If done correctly, the result would be a unique and memorable business name.


  • 23andMe
  • Twentieth Century Fox
  • Studio 54
  • 3M
  • 3COM
  • Bank One
  • Capital One Financing
  • 84 Lumber
  • Four Seasons
  • 100 Pipers

Tips for creating number based business name

There is no one single formula to exploit when thinking of a business name and putting a number to it. There are several approaches – some of them are listed below.

Heinz 57 company founder Henry John Heinz used the postal address number and included it not only in the company name, but also in their slogan.

Jennifer 8. Lee an ex-reporter for the New York Times and diverse entrepreneur uses her ACTUAL middle name 8. It may be ordinary with Chinese families to use a number when naming the kids to indicate the order in which they were born. However, from a personal branding perspective it is a unique and striking approach that definitely sets Jennifer apart.

7-Eleven is the world’s largest operator, franchisor and licensor of convenience stores. The business name emphasizes the unique working hours of the store – from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Add to that operating seven days a week and you get a true novelty business name.

Be careful when selecting numbers as some combinations may have an unpleasant or specific meaning, like the number 666 in Christianity.

Similarly, the number 4 in Chinese tradition is considered unlucky, as it is a homonym for death.

Finally, some experts believe that numbers have their own personality which has to be taken into consideration when using them.

Using Phrases

Another uncommon method for creating business names is the use of phrases. The idea here is to use more than one single word that allows you to better define your business products, services or experience.

Phrase based business names sound linguistically natural and have a clear meaning that correctly depicts the nature of the business.

Creating business names using phrases can be tricky but truly rewarding if you manage to hit the right combination.


  • Greenpeace
  • Eat My Words
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • StumbleUpon
  • LinkedIn

Tips for creating phrase business names

Look for a combination that will help people easily understand what your business is, for instance, even if you had never heard of MyBlogLog you could immediately grasp what stands behind this name.

Just like with most other naming techniques, the process starts with making a list of short, attention-grabbing, active words that describe your business.

You can have two separate lists with nouns and verbs, and even add a third one with adjectives. The key, however, is in the masterful combination of words from the different lists that results in a strong, memorable, meaningful and unique phrase that fits perfectly for your business.

Be cautious of the length of the name. Try to keep it concise and to the point.

Word Blends

Word blending is a technique that involves meshing of parts-of-words to create new words. It generally creates new invented words that may or may not have a meaning of their own.

Moreover, in most cases the main pronunciation emphasis is given to the first word.


  • Expedia – blend of expedition & encyclopedia
  • Zillow – blend of zillion and pillow
  • TechCrunch – blend of technology & crunch
  • Technorati – blend of technology and literati
  • Comcast – blend of communication and broadcast
  • Dynergy – blend of dynamic and energy

Tips of creating word-blend business names

Make a list of 8 to 10 words that are related to your business or industry. Then make a second list of words that create some sense of action, feeling or emotion that can be linked to your business.

Now use the words or parts-of the words from both lists and create a list of meshed words. Not all meshed words will make sense, so shortlist the ones that have some meaning and connection to your business, and discard the rest.

It can be challenging to create true words blends that are appropriate for your business. But if you can come up with the right 2 words that seamlessly fuse two concepts that are related to your business, you will create a real delightful business name.

Using Morphemes (Root words)

A morpheme is a morphological unit of a language that cannot be further divided. It is small and creates a meaningful segment of sound. Morphemes are also termed as root words.

Although a word can be a morpheme, not all morphemes are words. This adds flexibility as well as complexity to this approach. You can also combine morphemes with regular words to create purposeful and unique business names.


  • Lenovo is derived as Le from the word Legend and the Latin word Novo which means new. The combined meaning is New Legend.
  • Xerography is derived from Xero meaning dry and graphy which means writing. The name was later condensed to Xerox by the photocopying pioneers.
  • Avolent uses the French root word for to fly or to soar to get across its desire to raise people’s ability to use technology.

Tips for creating morpheme based business names

The rules of proper spelling and syntax are flexible while creating a morpheme based business name, permitting the sound to drive the meaning.

Variations when using morphemes are limited only by the business owner’s desire to stand out or fit in. Since pure sound is the fuel for morphemes, phonetic spellings and foreign words are all on the table if the final name is unique and a good fit with the services or products of your business.

Morphemes are a complex language part, and getting into details would require deep study of the topic. A useful online tool for understanding morphemes/root words is The Cognatarium.


A right and unique business name will give your business a great upstart. It will help you create the right initial buzz by attracting potential customers and help spread the word.

A great business idea combined with a unique business name will go a long way in making your business successful. Use any of the methods discussed above to find the right name for your new business.

Happy naming!